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Topographic Tetrazolium Test for Soybean 

Roque Mario Craviotto - M.Sc. in Food Technology and Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering-Seed Science, 
Miriam Arango Perearnau - M.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering-Seed Science, 
Carina Gallo - M.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering- Seed Science
EEA Oliveros 
Centro Regional Santa Fe - INTA



As worldwide demand for food for human and animal consumption rises exponentially, so does the need to increase seed production. Thanks to recent scientific and technological advances soybean production has extended to vast regions of the world.

In order to obtain high quality seeds, it’s important to rely on control tools in the processes of production, harvest, transportation, conditioning and storage. In addition, an efficient quality assurance system requires a capable staff specialized  in evaluation methods for different seed lots.

The Topographic Tetrazolium Test for soybean seed viability and vigor is widely used in laboratories around the world. Researchers in the Seed Laboratory at INTA Olivero’s Experimental Station in Santa Fe, Argentina, have carried out numerous investigations that have furthered the scientific knowledge on soybean seed behavior in this test, and have consequently led to a better interpretation of the results. This work team is highly trained in Quality Control of Seeds techniques and has coordinated numerous training courses on the use of the Topographic Tetrazolium Test for soybean, among other species. For over twenty years, professional analysts of seed laboratories throughout the country and abroad have benefited from these courses. The publication of this Viability Patterns for Soybean Handbook is a result of this work.

The information and updates contained in this Handbook contribute to the knowledge of the soybean species by incorporating modifications to the test, resulting from the experience accumulated in the study of the seed and its relationship with the variations in environmental conditions during seed production.

This Handbook is not only an indispensable tool to learn and interpret the Topographic Tetrazolium Test, but also offers a most valuable guide for technicians in Accredited Seed Laboratories throughout the Mercosur by providing a much more reliable and precise quality evaluation instrument.

Adriana Rita Salinas

Dr. in Agricultural Engineering
Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias UNR – School of
Agricultural Science, National University of Rosario.




Autores: EEA Oliveros - Centro Regional Santa Fe - INTA


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